About Robosquare

Equipment Outline

Exhibition Zone

Biped humanoid robots: PINO, HOAP, QUBE, Hajime Robot, Robovie-M, Robovie-V, RB1000, RB2000, GR-001, G-Dog, TRYZ, MANOI ATO1, MANOI PF01, Tetsujin-28 , Cindy, KHR-1, KHR-2HV. nuvo, e-nuvo
Robots made from tmsuk: TMSUK -3, TMSUK -4, Super-remote-controlled Robot "BANRYU", Roborior
Communication Robots: Hello Kitty ROBO, ifbot, Yorisoi ifbot, PLEO, Tane-chan, Mantaro
Entertainment Robot: AIBO
Mental Commit Robot: PARO (the world's most therapeutic robot)
Handbill-distributing Robot: MOSPENG KUN-1
Tissue-dispensing robots: MOSPENG KUN-2
Rescue Robot: SR-01
Walking-Assistance Robot: Rappo
Sweeper Robot: Roomba
Widely used everyday activities type robot: Robovie-R
Dancing intelligent music robot: miuro
Bipedal robotic amusement device: ROBO CATCHER
Electrical-powered two wheel standing vehicle: SEGWAY
Wheel-mounted robotic educational materials: e-nuvo WHEEL


  • Presentation of the history and mechanism of robots
  • Live robot show:
    Demonstration of PINO, AIBO, Hajime Robot and QUBE, and so on.
  • Robot-related Books
  • Sales of Robot Items for Gifts or Souvenirs


For independent research, souvenirs, and presents.

Visit the shop in Robosquare where various items of robots are available.

Experience Zone

  • Robot workshop and programming class sponsored by Robosquare.
  • Robot workshop and programming class organized by a private corporation.

R&D Center Zone

  • Research and development of robots in the humanoid R&D center.
  • Machine tools installed in shared R&D center
  • Venture R&D center supporting research, development and new industry creation for venture companies.

Photos of Inside of the Building


ADDRESS: TNC-TVBLOD 2F, 2-3-2 Momochihama, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka 814-0001
TEL: 092-821-4100 FAX: 092-821-4110
OPEN: 9:30∼18:00
CLOSED: the 2nd Wednesday (Except in January, July, August and December.) December 31 - January 2
CHARGE: No admission charged