About Robosquare

Mission and Vision


ROBOSQUARE was established on July 20th of 2002, the year the "RoboCup 2002 Fukuoka/Busan was held.
Until recently robots were largely used in industrial settings, but they are expected to serve an important role in, health care, nursing, disaster relief, therapy and other areas to meet the needs of homes, offices with the population aging.
By actually encountering, experiencing, and thinking about robots, ROBOSQUARE is a place where one can dream about how robots will in the future be used in the lives of citizens and what sort of coexistence between people and robots would be ideal.

ROBOSQUARE has the following three goals:

Increasing familiarity with robots
Putting robots on display to draw visitors to the facility so visitors can experience robots firsthand and increase their awareness of them.

Being an educational facility for learning about robots
Fostering the development of future human resources through supporting the study of robot technology by primary, junior high, and senior high school students.

Production of robots
Collaborating with robot-related enterprises, networking, and providing support for those enterprises.

With these three objectives in mind, in addition to deepening the understanding children and adults of the city have for science and technology, ROBOSQUARE is run as a place for advancing collaborations with researchers and businessmen involved in the world of robotics and for sparking the flourishing of industry.

The Establishment of ROBOSQUARE

ROBOSQUARE is the first step toward achieving that dream. It embodies the spirit of people who create, pursue, and realize the dreams they begin having there. Based on the concept and ideas of Dr. Hiroaki Kitano, it was established at the initiative of Fukuoka City.

Profile of Dr. Hiroaki Kitano

Dr. Hiroaki Kitano

Doctor Kitano was born in 1961. He holds a PhD in Engineering, and is Senior Researcher at Sony Computer Science Laboratories as well as the Director of the Systems Biology Research Institute NPO.
He has received awards such as the "The Computers and Thought Award" (which is known as the AI field's equivalent of the Nobel Prize) in 1991 and the ARS Electronica 2000 Special Award. He was selected by Newsweek magazine in 1999 as one of the leading figures of the 21st century, and is a great thinker who is the subject of attention from around the world. As the Founding President of the RoboCup International Federation, he is dedicated to projects contributing to the development of robot technology both in Japan and around the world.

Make Fukuoka City a leader in developing robots, and venues for public interaction with robots

Through RoboCup and the like, ROBOSQUARE has continuously developed robotics-related activities and technology and has succeeded in laying the groundwork for a robotics industry centered on Fukuoka City. In concrete terms, it aims to both widely expose the public to the latest robot technology and artificial intelligence research sites and cultivate the future researchers and ventures in the field of robot. Also, ROBOSQUARE aims to create a Fukuoka City in which people and robots coexist, and where robots are a familiar part of life and play an active role in everyday activities.

Elements and Development Course of Robosquare